The Story of my personal branding
Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 9:51PM
Bob D Ward

It was a beautiful spring day in the month of March and I was on my lunch break in Harvard Square with my Olympus camera. The year was 1999, and I was working at an ad agency called Baldwin & Stone situated in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Since my lunch break was an hour long I frequently took walks around the "Square" but this particular day I had my camera and I was heading down towards the Charles River. I strolled over the Anderson Memorial Bridge to get to the the Allston side the river where I took the photo that would forever be used as my personal an professional branding. I did some major color enhancements as well as colorized elements in the image. After all it was still March and there wasn't much lively color in my image. So knowing a few things about Photoshop I began creating my new branding image. In my image, the Weld Boat House is situated on the right side and the Anderson Memorial Bridge on the left side. Through the magic of Photoshop I applied my greens to the trees and punched up my colors of the boat house to make it the focal point of the image. With my Photoshop color palette and use of some filters, I  created my image as we know it today. I designed myself a horizontal image with a speckled outer edge. I use it on my letterhead, business card and on my website header. Since the image was taken and manipulated by me it represents a small portion of my artistic creatively and skills. It one of my most favorite images.

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