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October 22 & 23, 2016

I will be exhibiting and selling my local view photographs of Roslindale and Boston during Roslindale Open Studios 2016. Stay tuned ... I will be showing my favorite images on my website that will be on display at th event. Click on the Roslindale Open Studios logo below to find out more about this years event.



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My name is Bob Ward and I am a graphic designer/print production artist with many years in the business of getting things printed — from conception to delivery. My experience in fast-paced, deadline driven environments enables me to be better suited for high volume studios. I have worked for publishers, printers, advertising agencies and recently health and benefits/retirement companies.

Today, I am working as a Production Artist/Designer, at Mercer in Norwood, MA, providing print/web/email support and design to their Creative Services department. Mercer's Creative Services department is a high volume studio producing retirement and, health and benifits print/web products for their clients employees. Mercer is a global leader for trusted human resources and related financial advice, products and services.

Before Mercer, I was at Hill Holliday (til 12/08) — where I was hired to work initially as a dedicated Mac Artist on the John Hancock retail account but later moved into the "studio" preparing print files for Hill Holliday's client base.

Embracing the latest prepress technology, I am proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and use Acrobat, MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint routinely. Being skilled as a mock-up artist, I have experience creating professional high-quality renditions and prototypes. In a days workload, I am able to rebuild files, resize ads to publication specifications and produce layout solutions from an art director's concepts or designs.


Do you need a reliable, talented print production artist? 
Please see Work Experience for my qualifications.

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I am available to create professional quality videos for your next event, party or function. I can make videos from your existing photographs (or you can hire me as your photographer) to create your next video. My rates are reasonable and it depends on your needs before I can quote you a price. Are you a small business owner and need a video on your website? Google loves videos which makes your business come right to the top of Google searches. Contact me today to get your business video made.
See My Videos page for samples.


Today, I am teaching myself Internet marketing & video for the web and how to utilize social media to get job leads in the changing advertising environment. I have completed several webinars and workshops on social media and have completed the fall workshop at Social Media Magic University which includes 22 hours plus of practical training. Please see Social/Internet Marketing tab for my list of completed courses. LATEST NEWS: I just became a certified Social Media Specialist passing the exam at Social Media Magic University.




I help promote my community of Roslindale by volunteering for Roslindale Village Main Street (RVMS). I am an active member
of the RVMS Marketing team where I create ads, videos and other promotional collateral. Additionally,
I provide pro bono graphic design, print production, and photography services for RVMS.
Roslindale Village Main Street


As one of the original organizers of Roslindale Open Studios (ROS), I provide volunteer hours and creative pro bono services including: graphic and logo design, program brochure, ads, banners, signage, print production to help brand the event. I also generated $4,000 in ad sales for the program brochure. Roslindale Open Studios
Roslindale Open Studios 2010 Preview Video


"By the way, our prepress operators told me that your file was absolutely great...they wish all of our clients would send in files as perfect as yours!"
— Don Woo at Park Press, So. Holland, IL

"Bob, What can I say— you are the best! Thanks for ALL
you have done for Roslindale Open Studios. The brochure, postcards, advertisements and posters that you worked your graphic design magic on helped to make the event a huge success. I really appreciate all your dedication. It was a pleasure working with you."
  — Janice Williams, Roslindale Open Studios Coordinator

“As a volunteer on the Marketing Committee that I chair for Roslindale Village Main Street, Bob is an excellent resource for our social media, design, print and video needs. He is passionate about promoting small businesses and demonstrates a strong understanding of the challenges that small business owners face in this economic climate. Bob has a prolific talent for conceptualizing and then producing short videos to raise awareness of Roslindale's events and neighborhood character. We have also relied on him for a long time to develop our printed promotions, as he is very skilled in design and print production. He always takes initiative, always delivers a high quality product, and is always willing to do more. Bob is a stellar, invaluable member of our team - I wish we had 10 more just like him!”
— Erin Lyons, Director of the HSPH Annual Fund, Office of External Relations, Harvard School of Public Health

Please feel free to post a comment, an image, or a video about anything relating to inbound marketing, outbound marketing, social media, graphic design, branding, marketing, internet marketing, on-line video advertising, printing, print production or imaging! No log in is needed.




For the Love of Flowers

I will be showing one photograph in the exhibit called "For the Love of Flowers" March thru April at the BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery, March-April, 2017.

Artist ReceptionMonday, March 6th, 2017, 5:30 - 7:00pm. Join us for the Neighborhood Art Gallery viewing and artist reception at BNN’s media center and TV studios. FREE and open to the public. RSVP required to art@bnntv.org or at janice@artfulgift.com

Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the BNN Charles J. Beard II Media Center, 3025 Washington Street, Boston, MA • Egleston Square, 02119

The BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery is open to the public during operating hours Monday - Saturday. Closed on Sunday.


My New Photos for this years Roslindale Open Studios

Long Point 1

Long Point 2


Long Point 3


Click on the above graphic to view a pdf I created to learn some nifty tips & tricks using Adobe InDesign.


My Photo On The front page of this weeks Boston City Paper

Click on the photo to see the digital version of the newspaper.

November 2015


Roslindale Open Studios 2015

Here are a few pictures of images that were on display at my home studio in 2015 and will be on display and for sale again in 2016!




My Self Promo for Roslindale Open Studios 2015

Here is a jpeg verson of my self promo for this years Roslindale Open Studios. Click on this jpeg image here and an interactive pdf will pop up in a new window. From there you can be directed to RoslindaleOpenStudios.org, BobDWard.com, or send me an email message. Give it a try.



My second holiday card design for 2015

This picture was taken back in 2008 while commuters were waiting for the Needham Train to Downtown Boston in a blustery snowstorm. It's my second Roslindale Holiday Card that will be on sale during Roslindale Open Studios. The inside says "Greetings from Roslindale Village".  $3 each or packages of 8 for $20. The image will also be gallery wrapped, 1.5 inches thick with black sides on canvas 12"x 18".


I am back participating in Roslindale Open Studios 2015

After a two year hiatus, I am back as a participant artist in this year's Roslindale Open Studios. I will be exhibiting and selling all my usual Boston and Roslindale images plus a few new ones. I am pricing to sell and will have more details about my marked down pricing to come.

I also will present an photographic study of pictures taken in Post Office Square in Downtown Boston in 2008. These images will look illustrative and have there own unique style. These illustratative images will be on display on my website as soon as I can get them uploaded to my gallery. To see all my prints please stop by my home studio during the event. November 7 & 8, 2015. I will have furter updates on this website and my facebook page.


The Story of my personal branding

It was a beautiful spring day in the month of March and I was on my lunch break in Harvard Square with my Olympus camera. The year was 1999, and I was working at an ad agency called Baldwin & Stone situated in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Since my lunch break was an hour long I frequently took walks around the "Square" but this particular day I had my camera and I was heading down towards the Charles River. I strolled over the Anderson Memorial Bridge to get to the the Allston side the river where I took the photo that would forever be used as my personal an professional branding. I did some major color enhancements as well as colorized elements in the image. After all it was still March and there wasn't much lively color in my image. So knowing a few things about Photoshop I began creating my new branding image. In my image, the Weld Boat House is situated on the right side and the Anderson Memorial Bridge on the left side. Through the magic of Photoshop I applied my greens to the trees and punched up my colors of the boat house to make it the focal point of the image. With my Photoshop color palette and use of some filters, I  created my image as we know it today. I designed myself a horizontal image with a speckled outer edge. I use it on my letterhead, business card and on my website header. Since the image was taken and manipulated by me it represents a small portion of my artistic creatively and skills. It one of my most favorite images.


The winning image is...

This image was chosen for my next Roslindale holiday card that will be on sale at the Birch Street House & Garden here in Roslindale this Fall, 2015. For many years The Pleasant Cafe on Washington Street has been a favorite eatery for locals for good home cooking.